People Are Talking!!!


Tom and members of the Mayfair HS Marching Corps —

Fantastic job this evening!  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen
this year’s field show performance, but quite a few, and tonight’s show
at the Gahr High field show tournament ranked at the top of the list for
the performances I’ve seen.  Everyone should be quite proud of their
efforts in achieving this high level of success.

As I sat in the bleachers, huddled in a sweater and coat to fend of the
coolish weather, I was thinking about my first exposure to this year’s
show when it was a hot, sweaty day in August and you folks were in the
initial stages of seeing how this complex show would come together as you
rehearsed during Band Camp.  What a change — not only in the temperature
and weather — but especially in the product.  Some of you might have
wondered if this would ever work.  Believe me, it does, and the reaction
of the audience reflected this — not just from MHS supporters — but
from band members and boosters from other schools who recognize a good
thing when they see and hear it.

My hearty congratulations to every person — students, adult leaders,
band boosters who push those props all over the field, and everyone else
who participates in this monumental effort.  Without a high level of
pride and purpose, this show could never have happened!  You are such
positive representatives of your school and our school district
throughout southern California — and certainly into Las Vegas!


Kirk Real