Week 9 Itinerary


Mayfair Monsoon Marching Corps
Week 9 – October 23 – 27, 2017
Mayfair “Classic” CSBC Show at Ron Yary Stadium
Away Football vs. Bellflower HS at Ron Yary Stadium

MondayExtended 7th Period to 6:00 PM
BRING Water jugs ALL week
1 – Inside with warm ups/parade march and show
Lunch – Testing on the Opener
7 – Outside with drill and parade block until 6:00 PM – WE ARE AT MAYFAIR.

1 – Outside with Parade March
Lunch – Testing on the Opener
2:45 to 5:00 PM – Percussion Rehearsal with Harry and Nico

WednesdayMHS “Classic” FST at Ron Yary
1 – Outside with show and load the trailers
Room may be closed at lunch…
Meet at Ron Yary Stadium as soon as you can. Please come to eat our food in the stadium and watch awesome bands.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.48.46 AM

5:30 – Arrive at Ron Yary, if you aren’t working to dress and get plumes. Please make sure you have shoes, socks, gloves and have eaten dinner.
6:00 – Stretching/Visual Block
6:45 – Warm Up/Tune
7:30 – Run Show
7:45 – at Staging
8:00 – Perform show
8:15 – Change, leaders to awards, everyone else: Grab plastic gloves and trash bags at trailer. Section leaders please take roll and make sure everyone stays until you dismiss them.
Tubas and ALL Percussion – Stay and help load all equipment and FST tables/chairs etc.
Color Guard – Warm Up Areas and BHS Parking Lot
All other Brass – Stadium
All Woodwind – Food Areas and parking lot behind the stadium. Be careful, there will be bands parked back there now. There will be trash there…please scan the whole area!
9:30 – You should be done. Have your parents pick you up from Ron Yary

1 – Unload the trailers and homework
Lunch – Sectionals on the Parade March

FridayWear Band Shirts – Away Football vs. Bellflower HS At Ron Yary
1 – Outside with Parade March and show – pack trailers
6:00 – Arrive at Ron Yary Away Side with instruments
7:00 – Game Begins
9:45 – Have your parents pick you up from Ron Yary

Saturday/Sunday – Refer to Mt. Carmel Itinerary

Coming Up:
1 – Mayfair FST at Ron Yary Stadium
3 – Home FB vs. Glenn
10 – Possible CIF Football Game
11 – CSBC Semis
18 – Arcadia Band Review and CSBC Finals!

7 – Winter Concert – 7:00 PM