It’s Tuba Christmas Time!!!


Each year, Tuba/sousaphone and Euphonium (baritone) players get together to play Christmas Carols. Only those two instruments! On Saturday, December 9, 2017, at Downtown Disney, Orange County will host their yearly event. The concert will start at noon. There is no admission fee for spectators. About 300 performers attend each year and the sound is glorious!

Registration for Tuba Christmas is about $10.00 (Cash Only). Please see the ATTACHED registration form for additional details. Registration opens at 7am. Practice starts at 9am. Mr. Philips is unavailable to attend this year, but students are welcome to attend with their parents/guardians. Students should dress “festive” and feel free to dress up your instrument festively as well. You’ll find a playlist HERE  and for directions, please view the parking guide below.

***Please note that you may want to bring a CHAIR and MUSIC STAND for rehearsal as they are not provided for rehearsal. THERE WILL BE NO CHAIRS (or cases) ALLOWED INTO THE CONCERT AREA; Disney will provide chairs based on the number of registrations at rehearsal.

Disneyland Parking map.png