Physical Fitness Exam This Week



March 8, 2018

Dear Parents:

Your son or daughter is enrolled in our Marching Band/Color Guard class.  These classes are your child’s PE Class.  As freshmen, they must take the California State mandated physical fitness exam.  If they did not pass it as freshmen, they must continue to take it each year until they meet all the requirements set by the state and school district.  The students will be asked to complete tasks such as:

Sit and Reach
Shoulder Stretch
Mile Run
Sit Ups
Curl Ups
Trunk Lift

These tests will be administered on Tuesday, March 13th from 2:45 to 4:30 PM.  The Color Guard will do the test the week of the 20th during 1st period.  If the student misses a test because of an absence, they may be assigned to a PE teacher 1st period to complete the test on another day.  The students will need to bring exercise clothes to change into and will be excused as soon as they have completed the tests.

If you have any questions, please contact me:
School: 562-925-9981 ext. 4805
Cell: 562-212-BAND (2263)

Thank you,
Thomas W. Philips
Band Director