Color Guard/Winter Guard

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Course Description: Color Guard, which consists of Banner, Flag, and Drill Team, is a part of the Marching Band class.  Students develop skills in song, flag, and precision drill. Students develop routines for games, rallies, assemblies, halftime shows and competitions.  In order to meet state P.E. standards, students will be expected to move/march at various tempos and do choreography using the flag, rifle, and saber.  Combining these skills will improve and maintain cardio-respiratory efficiency to maintain a healthy body.  Students will participate in stretching and various dance movements to increase the functional capacity of muscles and joints.  Students will participate in many public performances that develop commitment and teamwork.  Students are required to participate in summer school and a three week band camp in August.  This course may be repeated for credit.  Ninth grade students enrolled in the course are expected to take and pass the California State Physical Fitness test in March.  Prerequisite: Students must try out in the spring and have a physical exam on file.  Students considering this course should be aware that enrollment requires an extensive time commitment, including mornings, evenings, and some weekends.

A mandatory parent meeting for high school and middle school groups will be held on
Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 at 7pm in room 805.

If you were not accepted at this time, you may talk to Mr. Philips about joining band for the fall season in room 805 (it counts for PE and Fine Arts credits). In addition, you are eligible to re-audition for Color Guard in November/December for the Winter Guard Season.