Getting the Students Ready for the Show (Hair & Make-up)

While our piano is busy getting ready, we need your help getting the students ready for the show. (More prop progress can be viewed here). Parents, please take a moment to read important information about performance hair and make-up for ALL band students.

EDITED TO ADD: Band students may also choose to purchase the glitter that color guard is wearing: This is an optional addition to the required make-up. It is best to purchase a large jar for $30 in groups of 5-6. If you would like to save on shipping costs, form a group of 5-6 friends, gather $30, place in an envelope with everyone’s names on it, and give it to Mrs Baker before Friday, September 13th. Assuming we have enough interest, shipping will be free.

On Monday the students had Griselda (our Color Guard Director and Show Designer) explain to them the hair and make up styles for the show in order to really enhance the cabaret feel. Our show this year is truly like a theater production and as the show develops the design staff is realizing all that it could be! The students and staff would like to go all in and immerse the audience in the cabaret experience 🙂

When does my student NEED to do hair/make up? Hair is MANDATORY for home football games and competitive field shows. Make-up is OPTIONAL for home football games but MANDATORY for competitive field shows. Please know that this is simply to enhance the design. If your student was involved in a stage production like a play, musical, or dance recital, they would also be required to have make up for those performances. As soon as the performance is done, students may remove their make-up and let down their hair.
Below are more specifics, examples, tutorials, and recommendations. Griselda would also like to share that the color guard students are willing to help with hair and make up. Just have your student let them know and they will arrive early to help!

HAIR: The hairstyle for girls is a ponytail with a variation on a pompadour/pouf/pomp. The hairstyle for boys is a comb-over. They do not have to do those exact styles shown below … they can find something they like and the staff will let them know if it’s the right idea. It also does NOT need to be perfect 🙂 This is all trial and error to prepare for the competitive performance on October 14th. Below are some examples and tutorials.

Pompadour and other styles for girls tutorials: (Just add ponytail)

MAKE UP: (examples, tutorials, and suggested products below) The make up is pretty subtle. The most important part is the defined brows, winged black liner, mascara, and maybe a touch of eye shadow like in the picture if your student would like (no lipstick of course).

We would also like for students to wear a matte foundation or at least a translucent powder to help with the shininess that is inevitable from the stadium lights (just like stage lights) but it is OPTIONAL, not required. Fake lashes, bronzer, blush, beauty mark, and highlight are also OPTIONAL, definitely not mandatory!

Students will have to purchase their own make up if they don’t have any they can use. (They can borrow from parent or sibling). PLEASE only purchase whatever brand is within your budget/works for your student’s skin. If they already own make up/can borrow, NO NEED TO PURCHASE MORE 🙂

e.l.f. cosmetics which is available at pretty much any major store (Walmart/Target/CVS/Rite-Aid/Walgreens) is very cost effective. Griselda also recommends NYX cosmetics, which can be found at all the same stores but also has a stand-alone store at the Cerritos mall. Their make up is great quality for a very affordable price. If you go to NYX cosmetics, they have assistants there that can help you find the products AND show your student how to use them 🙂 Do not let your students trick you into buying them expensive make up from MAC, Sephora, or Ulta (unless those are your preferred stores).

For the eyeliner: For girls, I recommend a liquid liner with a brush tip. Something like the epic ink liner from NYX is the most user friendly but something similar to the precision liquid liner by e.l.f will also work. For boys, I recommend a gel pencil that can be smudged.
Winged liner:
Guyliner: (she uses brushes but fingers can also be used)

For brows: Griselda recommends an eyebrow pencil because it’s the easiest to use or a pomade. If you buy a pomade you will most likely need to purchase a brush for it as well. (You do not need to do steps past 1:10 mark unless desired)

For mascara: A volume mascara is preferred but any is fine.


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