… And We’re Back!

Dear Parents:

Due to a miscommunication with Embassy Suites, Coastline Travel was able to correct it and return us to the original Embassy Suites on 4315 Swenson St., Las Vegas 89119 for our Las Vegas trip October 25 – 27 for the original price of $359.00 per student.  We also adjusted the payment schedule back to the original date so:

$150.00 due September 13th
Balance due October 4th

Sorry if there was confusion.  We are all back to normal.  I appreciate your support and look forward to our trip. Please make sure to get your next payment in by September 13th. 

Thank you, 
Mr. Philips 
Cell: 562-212-BAND (2263)

If you have any questions about your remaining balance, contact Leslie Watkins at MayfairBandTreasurer@gmail.com.