Itinerary ~ October 28-November 1

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS WEDNESDAY! Sign up here. Even if you can only work a partial shift due to your work schedule, some help is better than no help. Please make a note of your arrival time in the notes section. Thank you!!

The California State Band Champion
Mayfair Monsoon Marching Corps
Week 12 – October 28 – November 1, 2019
Mayfair’s 17th Annual “Classic” Field Show Tournament
Away Football vs. Bellflower HS

Monday – BE AT SCHOOL!!!!
1 – Unload, recap from the weekend, warm ups
Lunch – Sectionals – use a metronome
7 – Outside with the show, with props

Tuesday –
1 – Outside with the show
Lunch – Sectionals – use a metronome
2:45 to 5:00 PM – Percussion with Harry and Nico
After school – Load props

Wednesday – Mayfair FST at Ron Yary
1 – Outside with the show – Load trailer
Lunch – Room closed
2:30 – Get your instruments after school!
5:00 – Arrive at Ron Yary with:

  1. Wearing band shirts
  2. Your COSTUME
  3. Black shoes, black socks and white gloves
  4. Instrument
  5. Come early to buy our food to eat before you dress

5:30 – Dress, move to warm up area D
6:15 – Warm Up
7:15 – Move to staging
7:30 – Perform our show
Parents will need to pay to get in if they are not working the show. It’s $10.00, $8.00 for senior citizens and students with ID, 5 and under are free.
8:45 – Drum majors and three cg captains do awards
9:10 – When stadium is clear after awards: NO ONE LEAVES UNTIL CAPTAINS RELEASE YOU.
We need to make sure the campus and stadium/warm up and parking areas are clean. Captains will take roll. If they do not see you working, your grade will be lowered. It is our main fundraiser, we ask everyone to stay. You should be done around 9:45 PM.
All Drums/Pit – Load trailers with all percussion and then help load, tables, chairs, EZ ups for parents
Woodwinds – Clean up bus parking lot
Brass – Clean the home stands
Color Guard – Clean the regular parking lot and campus warm up areas

VOLUNTEERS, map and performance information is available for download below. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them, especially if you’ll need it for your job. Thank you!

Thursday – Halloween!
1 – Unload from the show
Lunch – Room closed at lunch and after school. Go, scare your friends…

Friday – Away football vs. Bellflower HS at Ron Yary
1 – Sectionals with pep tunes…run pep tunes together, pack small trailer
6:00 PM – Arrive at Ron Yary on your own, but on the away side, wearing your band shirt. Help unload trailer. Go into stands, warm up together.
Mr. Flietstra – tells Chiagozie when to play
Chiagozie – conducts band to brilliance
Nathan – Makes sure it all happens
7:00 – Game begins with Bellflower
9:30 – Game ends, all percussion load trailer and have your parents pick you up.

Saturday – Sectionals as needed with Nathan and Griselda

8 – Possible CIF Football Game
9 – Mayfair CSBC FST @ Ron Yary Stadium
13 – “German Chocolate Cake” Day 😉
16 – CSBC Semis – Venue TBA
23 – CSBC Championships – Venue TBA

5 – Fuddrucker’s Night Fundraiser – Jazz Band performs from 6 to 8 PM
7 – Palos Verdes Christmas Parade
12 – Winter Concert – 7:00 PM

17 – Disneyland Performance – All Day

Thomas W. Philips
Director of Instrumental Music
Mayfair High School, Lakewood, CA
Cell: 562-212-BAND (2263)