Instrument Pickup Form and Parent Remind

Dear Monsoon Marching Corps: 

Students, please fill out this request if you need your instrument: click here for form. We can have it available in the front horseshoe parking lot on Tuesday, March 31st from 7:30 to 9:00 AM.  If you do not need your instrument, DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL.  WE ARE NOT TO HANG OUT THERE.  The guard staff and I will be sending music and videos via remind next week. I will chat with all of you on zoom soon. I miss you all so much.  I am sure you are going crazy at home too, but to keep busy I have been practicing my trumpet for more than 2 hours a day and painting at my house and my church. 

Again, if you need your instrument or flag bag, fill out the survey so we know what you need.

Take care of yourselves…hope to see you in late April so we can do a spring concert and finish the year strong! 

Parents,  I had to take some of you off the Marching Band Remind because I can only have 150 people and when it goes over 150, it freezes.   Please use this link and I will keep you in the loop:  We are currently trying to put together online learning for all my students.   I will use remind since most everyone is on it.
Again, please get on the parent remind.  I miss all of you and our office chats when you stop by. Please make sure your kids are practicing. Music will be sent next week.

Thomas W. Philips
Director of Instrumental Music
Mayfair High School, Lakewood, CA
Cell: 562-212-BAND (2263)