2022-2023 Booster Board Nominees

Thank you for submitting nominations for next year’s Board. We are still looking for a few key people to fill some positions. If you are interested, please email mmmc.communications@gmail.com. We will be taking nominations from the floor at the next booster meeting on Tuesday, April 19th. The following nominees have accepted their nominations:

  • President: (needs nominee)
  • 1st Vice President: Veronica Martinez
  • 2nd Vice President: Natalie Ruvalcaba
  • Treasurer: (needs nominee)
  • Financial Secretary: Leslie Watkins
  • Recording Secretary: Noemy Baiza
  • Corresponding Secretary: (needs nominee)

Nominations are not closed until the election takes place. Therefore, if you would like to be more involved or know of someone that would be a great addition to our Board, please let us know.

The following Board positions will be appointed by the incoming President: Parliamentarian, and Liaisons for Color Guard, Percussion and Orchestra. The incoming President will also select Committee Chairpersons such as Uniforms, Ways & Means, and Equipment Transportation.