Important Info! Commitment Form, Uniform Fitting Day, & Individual Fundraiser Opportunities

All band students, come with a parent/guardian this Saturday, July 30th.


Please take a few minutes to fill out the 2022-23 commitment form: Commitment Form. This form is necessary for collecting contact information and other important information regarding ALL band and color guard members. If you haven’t completed this form by Saturday, we will have you complete it at uniform fitting. Save yourself some time and complete it ahead of time!


Color Guard has already been fitted for their uniforms but you may stop by to purchase shirts, pay for booster membership, or pickup fundraiser opportunities (see below for more info). Come anytime 8:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:30.

For proper fitting, please bring your band shoes and black socks (if you have them). If your band shoes are too small, you may bring them to donate. Wear clothes that you plan to wear under your uniform (t-shirt, biker shorts or thin athletic shorts).

Uniform Fitting will be in the band room. The schedule is as follows:

  • 12th Grade: 8:00-10:30
  • 11th Grade: 10:30-12:00 (Be mindful that our volunteers need to eat! 11th graders need to be finished by 12:00 so that we can refuel and get ready for the second half of the day.)
  • Lunch Break for our Volunteers: 12:00-1:00
  • 10th Grade: 1:00-2:30
  • 9th Grade: 2:30-4:30

Please try your best to come during your scheduled time but … WE WANT YOU THERE! We would rather have you come during a different time slot than not come at all. If you have any questions, contact Stephanie at

Volunteers are still needed in the afternoon! No experience necessary. Join in the fun and satisfaction of helping our marching corps look their absolute best! Check out the signup here: Signup Genius.

The following forms will be filled out on Saturday. Please review pricing information and come prepared. You can choose to print them to start filling them out or we will have them available.

We will be collecting payments for uniform items, fair share accounts, booster membership, fundraising, and anything else you need to pay for. If you have any questions regarding finances, please contact Pam at or speak with the financial team during uniform fitting. Payment options: cash, check payable to Mayfair Band Boosters, or Venmo @Mayfair-BandBoosters (credit/debit is only accepted through Venmo).

Individual Fundraiser Opportunities

All band & guard students are invited to earn money towards your fair share fees and other charges, current or future. These are great opportunities provided for you to take advantage of! The following fundraisers will be available to pickup this Saturday:

  • World Famous Chocolate. Earn $25 per box sold.
  • Jamba Juice Cards. Earn $5 per card sold.
  • Pancake Breakfast & Silent Auction Tickets. Earn $5 per ticket sold after the 2 mandatory tickets.

More information and a sign-out sheet will be available on Saturday. Or you can contact Minisa at