Picture Day Info

Picture Day is this Monday, October 14th at Ron Yary Stadium at 8am! Online orders must be placed by midnight on Sunday. Your student needs to present the printed confirmation email or order envelope to the photographer. Go here to place your order! Enter the code MHS19.

The following information is from the photographer:

  • As students are getting their instruments they will get into their sections and separate into two lines: Those who are ordering and those who are not.  Those ordering will have their forms with them including any online forms.
  • As we are photographing we will remind anyone that is in Jazz to go change so they can go to the group line to be photographed. FYI: If anyone is ordering from both outfits they will need TWO separate forms.
  • BUDDIES: As promoted, buddy envelopes will be provided the day of.  We strongly suggest that students bring $5 bills because most of them will decide to do them that day.