Itinerary ~ October 21-27

Some of the parents wanted to join in on the bowler hat fun and found similar hats on amazon (click here to view). If you would like your own hat, venmo $3.80 @MayfairBandBoosters by this Tuesday and we’ll place an order in time for Vegas πŸ™‚

The California State Band Champion
Mayfair Monsoon Marching Corps
Week 11 – October 21 – 27, 2019

The Arbor View HS FST

1 – Inside with Ms. Walker and information for the trip and a recap from Saturday (tubas and battery: unload before 9….DO NOT BE LATE TO FIRST PERIOD! We are starting right at 9!!!
Lunch – Sectionals – use a metronome
7 – Outside with the show. Get pants hemmed after practice if you need it (other times available: Tuesday lunch, Tuesday after school, Wednesday after practice)
5:30 – PARENTS: If you need any specific information on Las Vegas, please come to the band room after rehearsal for a couple of minutes. If you are taking your own child to Las Vegas and need specific information the itinerary does not answer, then come and I will be glad to answer any questions.

Tuesday – Turn in permission/rules info sheet!
1 – Outside with the show
Lunch – Sectionals – use a metronome. Pants hemming available.
2:45 to 5:00 PM – Percussion with Harry and Nico. Pants hemming available after school.

Wednesday – Bring Water Jugs!
1 – Outside with the show
Lunch – Sectionals – use a metronome
7 – Outside. Pants hemming available after practice.

Thursday –
1 – Outside with show
Lunch – Sectionals – use a metronome
After school – Pack Trailers. Pick up your pants, shirt, suspenders. Pack everything! Download and print the checklist below. Use it!

Friday – Las Vegas! REFER TO THE LAS VEGAS ITINERARY! (click here)
8:00 AM – Load charter buses with your 1 suitcase and instrument/flag bag. Make sure you physically load it yourself! Do not assume someone will load it for you!

Saturday – The Arbor View HS FST

Sunday –
Return to MHS at 7:00 PM – MAKE SURE TO COME TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY…No excuses!

30 – Mayfair SCSBOA FST – Ron Yary Stadium

1 – Away FB vs. Bellflower @ Ron Yary Stadium
8 – Possible CIF Football Game
9 – Mayfair CSBC FST @ Ron Yary Stadium
13 – β€œGerman Chocolate Cake” Day πŸ˜‰
16 – CSBC Semis – Venue TBA
23 – CSBC Championships – Venue TBA

5 – Fuddrucker’s Night Fundraiser – Jazz Band performs from 6 to 8 PM
7 – Palos Verdes Christmas Parade
12 – Winter Concert – 7:00 PM

17 – Disneyland Performance – All Day

Thomas W. Philips
Director of Instrumental Music
Mayfair High School, Lakewood, CA
Cell: 562-212-BAND (2263)