$ Karm’l Dapple Fundraiser $

A new fundraiser starts Monday, December 2nd … and it’s a yummy one! These apples are easy to sell and very profitable.

What is a Karm’l Dapple? Click here for a video and their website. NOTE: we are only ordering unwrapped red caramel apples with the crunch coating.

How do you participate?

  1. Pre-pay $22 per case of 24 apples. Fill out the order form available for download below or in the band room. Orders can be placed on Mondays (12/2, 12/9, and 12/16).
  2. Pick up your apples from the band room on Tuesdays (the day after you order). Apples arrive in a box but are not individually wrapped. Some parents choose to put them in treat bags with ribbon.
  3. Sell the apples for $3 each for a total of $72 per case.
  4. Keep $22 to reimburse yourself for the pre-payment. Send $50 to school to be deposited in your student’s account. If you don’t sell all the apples, you are still required to send in the full $50 per case according to fundraiser rules.

$50 from each case of apples goes into your student’s account. Individual fundraisers are provided for your benefit, to build credit or pay outstanding balances in your student’s account. Please contact MayfairBandTreasurer@gmail.com to explain how you would like to use your funds. Students that have outstanding balances at the end of the year do not receive awards until invoices are paid.