What is Corresponding Secretary?

It is time to nominate people to serve in Booster Board positions for the 2023-2024 school year. I will be writing a series of posts to explain what each position is about. Many of our Board Members have graduating students so we need YOU! You will have support. Come on Board!

Click here to submit your nominations! Deadline 3/31.

First in the series of posts … Corresponding Secretary! That’s me 🙂 I’m an alumni parent and I’m happy to help anyone who steps up to take this position. I have a younger son who is a sophomore at Mayfair so I’m still around … but he’s not in band. I enjoyed holding this position! The biggest perk is that you are always in the know about what is happening in the program and you get to help others be in the know too.

What I do …

  • Write posts on the website. This is a simple WordPress platform. Most of the time I cut and paste the itineraries sent to me by Mr. Philips. I also look back at the posts from previous years and repost with a few updates.
  • Admin for Facebook page. WordPress is connected to FB so posts from here automatically go there. Occasionally I post directly on FB, especially on Dining for Dollars days. I also livestream performances.
  • Maintain the Google Group list. At the beginning of each year we do our best to get everyone’s emails which are then added to the Google Group. That way you can send a quick email to everyone.
  • Maintain the calendar. Twice a year Mr Philips makes a schedule of upcoming events that I add to the calendar. If anything changes, I edit the entry.

The official description of the position from the bylaws: The Corresponding Secretary shall, at the beginning of each new Marching Season, establish a means to communicate to parent’s information and requests for all events including notification of Booster meetings. He/She will send out booster meeting minutes each month after the Recording Secretary has completed them. The Corresponding Secretary may be called upon by the Band Director and/or Executive Board to relay other IMD related information at any time. Alternative means of communication may be used while under approval of the current Board. The Corresponding Secretary should have a current active members list.

If you have any questions or want more information, email me at mmmc.communications@gmail.com.

Laura Brim, Interim Corresponding Secretary

The nominations will be closed on March 31, 2023. The slate containing all nominees who have accepted their nomination(s), will then be posted online. Voting will take place at the April Booster meeting: Tuesday, April 18, 2022. All positions, including vacancies on the slate of nominees, will be open for nominations from the floor on April 18th. Only Booster members that have paid their $10 membership fee are eligible to vote. It’s not too late to pay! Contact MayfairBandTreasurer@gmail.com before March 31st to be eligible.