What is President and Ways & Means Officer?

It is time to nominate people to serve in Booster Board positions for the 2023-2024 school year. And finally the last in the series of posts … President! (with a bonus Ways & Means write-up). Our current President, Minisa Volden, will still be with the program next year. She currently wears two hats as the President and Interim Ways & Means Officer. Although Ways & Means is an appointed position (not on the ballot), I’m including the description with this post in case you are interested.

Click here to submit your nominations! Deadline extended 4/7.

More about Minisa …

Hi, I am proud to be involved with the parents and students in this group and have made many friends and even extended our family as my alumni daughter married my alumni son-in-law several years ago. I currently have a 10th grade son in the band and next year my youngest daughter will be a part of the Marching Corps. There are so many opportunities to make an impact on these amazing kids by being a part of the Board and working as a team, we can help them reach their Music and Colorguard goals.

What President does …

  • Organize and lead Board and Booster meetings. 
  • Coordinate committees for various activities and events and follow up on action items.
  • Maintain communication between members of the Board and staff.
  • Keep the Booster activity calendar current and plan events months in advance so committees and volunteers have time.
  • Work with each Board member individually regarding their specific role as tasks require.
  • This position allows for a lot of room to be creative while supporting a well functioning Board and it helps to be organized and have good time management skills.

The official description of the position from the bylaws: The President shall preside at all meetings of the association and of the Executive Board. He/She shall be a member ex-officio of all committees and with the ratification of the Executive Board, shall appoint the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees as well as the appointed Board member positions. He/She shall prepare the annual budget along with the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, incoming officers of said positions, and Band Director. The President shall also facilitate the annual inventory report with assistance from the Second Vice President and Band Director to be presented at the April meeting.

What Ways & Means Officer does …

  • Set up and coordinate Dining for Dollar events once a month.
  • Set up numerous fundraisers that students can participate in to credit their individual accounts to be used towards fees and expenses. 
  • Set up several fundraisers to increase the general Corps fund.
  • Seek out donations for events as needed.
  • Always looking for a way to increase money coming into the Booster account.

The official description of the position from the bylaws: The Ways & Means Officer will coordinate fundraisers for the entire corps as well as for individual students. Examples include but are not limited to Dining for Dollars and catalog sales. He/She will also be the point of contact for securing goods and monetary donations from the community as needed by the organization. Examples include but are not limited to food donations for students after the homecoming parade and hospitality suite at hosted field shows, donated rental items from Lakewood RentAll, and monetary donations from grocery stores. He/She will work closely with the Board President and Band Director as to the needs of the organization as well as the Treasurer to ensure credits are applied correctly and all monies raised have been received.

If you have any questions or want more information, email Minisa at mayfairbandpresident@gmail.com.

Minisa Volden, President

The nominations will be closed on April 7, 2023. The slate containing all nominees who have accepted their nomination(s), will then be posted online. Voting will take place at the April Booster meeting: Tuesday, April 18, 2022. All positions, including vacancies on the slate of nominees, will be open for nominations from the floor on April 18th. Only Booster members that have paid their $10 membership fee are eligible to vote. It’s not too late to pay! Contact MayfairBandTreasurer@gmail.com before April 7th to be eligible.